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This procedure describes how to log in using the email and password you used to set up your account. It also provides steps to log out of the application in both mobile and desktop versions.

Log In

You can log in to Qbitt on your mobile device or the desktop version. The password you set up for your account works in both the mobile and desktop versions.

To Log In to Qbitt on Your Mobile Device

1. Use the email account that you used to set up the app and your current password.

2. Tap Login.

Registration screen for Qbitt app setup

Log Out

To log out of Qbitt for any device, navigate to the appropriate location for the device. It's necessary to log out of each location separately. Logging out of your mobile device doesn't automatically log you out of the desktop, and vice-versa.

To Log Out of Qbitt on Your Mobile Device

  • In your mobile device, go to My Qbitt > Settings and tap Logout.

To Log Out of the Desktop Version of Qbitt

  • In the desktop, hover over your profile image to display a menu, and select Logout.
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