Why You Need To Use Qbitt For Your Startup

Only a third of startups ever make it to the 10-year mark. There’s no doubt that you’re carrying most of the load of your new entrepreneurial effort on your own back, and there’s absolutely no shame in using all the tools and resources you can to ensure your success.

Qbitt is a revolutionary scheduling app that will almost certainly prove to be an invaluable piece to completing your startup puzzle. Here’s why.

Strapped for cash? No problem.

82% of businesses fail due to cash flow issues. Indeed, given their failure rate, attempting a startup is such a big risk that everyone involved, including you, will tend to be hesitant toward pumping money into the new company.

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Thankfully, it’s not 2004, and there are a lot of really powerful tools for your startup to use. That said, many will cost you your precious and likely limited money, so finding free ones can be hugely important – and Qbitt has you completely covered in that regard.

Every one of Qbitt’s features are free to use, whether you’re using its robust employee scheduling system, or you’re scheduling a service from a local business.

Claim your business for free!

There’s a good chance your business is already listed on Qbitt! Simply sign in, click the business tab, find or search for your business, hit the “Claim Business” button, and follow the prompts. After that, you’re ready to go!

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Manage your whole team with ease.

Once you have claimed your business, you’re able to take advantage of Qbitt’s most powerful tools and features. Using Qbitt’s custom calendar, you can create a schedule for all of your employees and easily communicate with them.

Schedule business and casual meetings.

Are you and your team stuck working remotely? With Qbitt, you have a convenient way to create a virtual conference with all of your employees.

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Simply open the app, create a meeting, select your favorite conferencing service (such as Google Meet or Zoom), and Qbitt will automatically create a new room with the chosen service, ready to access for all the people invited to the meeting.

Easily interact with customers and clients.

Through Qbitt, it’s never been easier for companies to communicate with their clients and vice versa. Qbitt’s proprietary social networking component allows businesses and firms to provide updates and marketing materials to their clients, as well as answer questions and concerns.

On the flip side, consumers are able to be the first to see new deals and specials from their favorite local businesses. In addition, when they have a service heading their way, Qbitt has the option to provide customers with location tracking.

Communicate with other startups and likeminded individuals.

With Qbitt’s full-featured social networking service, it’s easier than ever to connect with other local businesses, entrepreneurs, and, of course, potential clients.

Take Your Startup To The Next Level With Qbitt.

Don’t get left behind! Take advantage of Qbitt’s robust features for your startup today, absolutely free. Check out Qbitt on iOSAndroid, or in your web browser.

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