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To connect with a friend on Qbitt, you can search through the member list or invite friends. This procedure describes how to find a friend via the Members list and sending a request.

To Send a Friend Request

1. Tap My QBITT.

2. Select Friends.

3. Tap the Add (plus) sign. A list of Qbitt members displays.

Steps to add a friend in the Qbitt application

4. Enter identifying information in the search boxes about the person for whom you want to submit a friend request. For instance, entering the first name and location would narrow the list of members.

Members list to add friends in Qbitt application

5. Tap Search.

6. Find the person in the list of members that displays and then tap Add. Qbitt sends a friend request to that person.
Search result listings for friends in Qbitt application
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