Startups Are In – Here’s How You Pull Ahead

Running a business and succeeding is a matter of team effort, despite what many new entrepreneurs may think. As such, it becomes greatly important to focus on leading and growing alongside your whole team, in all aspects of the business. Although sometimes it can become hard understanding what methods work and which don’t. We have compiled a list of 7 best tips and techniques that will help you improve your team efficiency like a pro in no time.

1. Maintain transparency and a sense of belongingness.

While monetary and job security incentives are for sure the greatest motivators (don’t worry – we’ll get to that later), according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, belongingness comes right after. Your employees are people, not machines, and as such, it is important they feel the motivation to work. Maintaining a high degree of transparency will make them feel like working for your business has something personal at stake for them, which will help them stay motivated.

2. Take their advice and suggestions.

Expanding on belongingness, asking for suggestions not only helps boost morale of your co-workers, but also informs about dilemmas and provides feedback to deal with them. This also helps you learn about any issues your business might be facing at every level. Without asking or providing a system for employees to comment on their positions or the company, you may never identify the real issues or inefficiencies that are holding your business back from excelling.

3. Maintain a clear communication hierarchy.

Clarity from upper management is also essential while checking efficiency. You may have heard it many times that communication is the key, and it is especially helpful in managing a business. Most importantly, it ensures that your human and non-human resources are not going to waste due to lack of proper communication. Clearly communicate how to communicate and stick with the hierarchy.

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4. Stop trying to micromanage. Delegate as much as possible.

Let’s face it, people working at a lower level than you have a greater understanding of how things are at their level. Trying to manage everything by yourself will surely slow down processes, and then start to negatively impact your business before you know it. Hire people good at their job, and then let them do it. Allow flexible decision making and allow for people to make some changes on their own if they could help your business grow.

5. Be a leader, not a manager.

Be someone people look up to. Don’t be the kind of boss people talk about behind your back. Make decisions that are beneficial for growth of both the business and the workers. Try to understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses and guide them towards achieving both the organization’s and their own goals.

6. Give them proper incentives to work for, because that is what they are here for.

The simplest and most important aspect to keeping your employees satisfied is to offer good financial incentives to your employees. On top of a stable income, offering them bonuses and extras for efficient work will also help boost the team efficiency in the long run. However, don’t turn it into a rat-race. Some businesses pitch employees against each other by offering incentives to only those who achieve specific goals first. While it may make sense in the short term, plans like that can harm your team efficiency. Remember, maintaining a healthy environment is of utmost importance.

7. Use efficiency improvement tools.

And finally, make use of all the technology you can get. For example, during the lock down or holidays, you can conduct online skill building workshops and seminars. Be sure to properly maintain and check the schedules of both you and your employees.

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