Connecting Business and Clients in Real-Time

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Qbitt® is the only platform that allows you to schedule meetings with your friends and businesses on your time.

Qbitt is a visionary life management tool that connects friends, family, and businesses in one place. The Qbitt app combines a calendar, scheduling service, social media, and a business and life management tool.

Our goal here at Qbitt is to provide you with a platform that instills a sense of community, while connecting you to all of your appointments and events, both personal and professional.

With a strong focus on streamlining everyday life, our primary goal is to connect people across various industries, disciplines and professions to their family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers in an ever evolving environment in which they can thrive.

Why Qbitt®

We provide the necessary tools for both Business and Clients to freely interact with each other in Real-Time.

Business Calendar

Add or Claim your business on Qbitt and give your Clients the freedom and flexibility of free Online Booking, Chatting, and Location Tracking for scheduled appointments. Plus, manage your employees schedule on our custom multi-functional calendar.

Communicating with Customers

Find reliable small business service providers based on recommendations from family, friends and other Qbitt members. Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel appointments with our free Online Booking. Bookmark your favourite and frequently used business connections for quick access. Build a Profile to Socialize, Chat and Schedule meetings with friends and family.

See what Qbitt can do to make your business more successful.


Take control of your team’s performance. Connect with like-minded individuals, book meetings, and host virtual conferences. Manage your team effectively and keep your start-up on track for success.

Small businesses

Manage your schedule and book appointments to help your small business stay organized. Keep in contact with your customers and answer questions with a live messenger feature.


Keep your schedule organized while allowing clients to book appointments with you, Keep in touch with past clients and get referrals for new clients with Qbitt.

Digital Consulting Services

Manage all your appointments and host virtual conferences with your clients from anywhere. Advertise your business and reach new clients by building your company's platform on Qbitt.


Stay connected with your students on your schedule, manage your availability and reschedule with ease. With social referrals on Qbitt you can also expand, bringing in new students.

Download Today

Download the Qbitt app and see the full potential of managing your business with a Free shared calendar booking system.
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Manage your appointments on the go.

We make it easy for you to use our Qbitt® calendar to manage both Business bookings and Personal events. Sync your current calendar with Qbitt and simplify your life by combining your business and personal calendar on one platform.

Appointment Calendar

Our calendar allows Clients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments in Real Time. Manage employees schedule and sync calendars to Qbitt.

Local Business Directory

Search our Qbitt Business Directory to find reputable business service providers in your local area that are verified and ranked appropriately.

Location Tracking

Track the location of your service provider in route to your scheduled appointment for accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Social Media/Chat

Build a profile and Post Photos and YouTube videos. Chat with friends or Business. Organize and store all your Biz connections in your Favorites tab.
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Manage appointments from your desktop

Alongside our convenient app, You can also use Qbitt on the web to search for businesses, book your appointments, and socialize with your Friends or Business. Schedule with us on Qbitt. Check it out today!


Solution for Businesses and Clients

Stay Connected and organized by using our free scheduling app for your virtual meetings and appointment booking. Qbitt allows Business and customers to communicate in real time for easy appointment management. Business communication and scheduling has never been easier with our shared scheduling system. Find peer reviewed companies and service providers who are trusted by your family and friends.
We provide services for all types of businesses, whether it’s a start-up, an at-home business, or just someone who wants to keep their schedule organized. Download the Qbitt app and find a solution fit for you.
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