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Qbitt offers solutions for free virtual scheduling, including a shared calendar, digital conferencing and team booking features all in one app while still using your favorite conferencing platform. Keep projects updated, build an effective team, and improve efficiency & Productivity.
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  • Team Calendar

    Our easy to use free scheduling tool allows you to manage appointments and meeting times to help your team stay organized & efficient. Edit your team’s schedule with the click of a button and let Qbitt take the stress out of your meeting management.

  • Virtual Meetings

    We now offer Virtual Meeting scheduling to help keep your team in sync and productive, with our free online shared calendar. Qbitt allows you to schedule and attend meetings all in one place, while allowing you access to your preferred conferencing platform.

  • Build your Network

    Build your business profile and post valuable content to promote your startup. Get feedback on your products and services. Chat with friends, clients, and other businesses. Organize and store all of your connections in the Favorites tab.

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