Can I add my business to Qbitt?

Yes, if your business is located in the United States.

Are there any fees associated with signing up or using the app for my business?

No. There are no fees for using Qbitt for your business: for you, your employees, or your customers. There are no membership or processing fees in relation to using the app to book appointments with your business. If someone books an appointment with your business, it’s the responsibility of your business to collect appropriate payment and taxes, and to meet any other financial requirements. Qbitt also is not responsible for lost income due to any appointment cancellations that may occur for any appointment booked through the app.

Can customers send me a message via Qbitt?

Yes. Any Qbitt user can select your business from the business directory and send a message via the app.

Can my business send messages to customers via Qbitt?

You can use the app to respond to inquiries from individual Qbitt users. At this time, you cannot send out push notifications to multiple Qbitt users. However, you can post images and content as your business, which then display in the main app timeline.

Can people “like” or follow my business in Qbitt?

Yes. Qbitt users can “favorite” your business to become a follower and see your business account posts. Any user can also visit your business profile and send a message or book an appointment.

This list includes some common questions for using Qbitt. Additional information and how-to procedures are available in other topics. Type an inquiry into the search box or review the other articles in the knowledgebase table of contents to find step-by-step procedures and overview information about different features of the app.

Is Qbitt free?

Yes. There is no fee to set up or use Qbitt. There’s also a mobile and desktop version, so you can access the app in multiple ways.

At this time, the app is only available for use in the United States.

Is my information private?

Review the Privacy Statement for current information about privacy. You have some control over settings, and the type of appointment you book determines who can see your information. You can also select different privacy options for individual posts.

How do I get around in Qbitt?

Use the bottom navigation bar to select a module and then use the top navigation bar in individual screens.

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