Effective time management is the most important thing for productivity. With that said, it becomes crucial that one follows trusted scheduling techniques that have been proven to work. We have listed our top 7 Scheduling tips to better manage your time.

  1. Create a priority list

    One of the most basic and repeatedly tested scheduling techniques is to categorize your workload under primary and secondary tasks. This makes it easier to complete those tasks in their allotted time. However, it could get messy as sometimes people end up doing unimportant things instead of things that matter; making a general list of what your priorities are can really help with this. For example, you might be working during the day and pursuing a creative project at night. Maintaining a reasonable priority list allows you to get your work done first so you can work on your elective projects free of stress.

  2. Prioritize the tasks you can easily complete first

    Try to schedule the tasks that require the most attention to detail during times that you’re feeling most productive. Assign small blocks of time to tasks you do most often. For example, instead of refreshing your email all day, assign a thirty minute window in the morning to reply to all emails from the last day and then put it aside to avoid unnecessary distractions.

  3. Identify your scheduling style

    Understand whether you are a goal oriented or time oriented scheduler. Some people tend to do most of their work in the morning, others work based on time management. In case you are the kind of person who feels most productive during certain hours of the day, try to schedule to your advantage. Make sure you get the most important tasks done when you are most motivated. Delegate your less important tasks for the rest of the day.

  4. Make use of technology as much as possible

    There are various free and paid online tools available to help reduce the confusion of scheduling and help you make the most of your time. These can function in two ways. One, by helping you manage your time and planning like Qbitt®. Secondly, by reducing your workload through the use of AI based tools.

  5. Do more, plan less

    It seems common knowledge, but efficiency and actually getting tasks completed are typical problems. Keep in mind if thinking about doing something is all you are doing, you will never get any real work done. Making plans upon plans of doing something only complicates it instead of ever getting it done, when in reality those tasks usually end up being much easier than anticipated. In the modern world moving fast is very important.

  6. Keep in mind the Timeless Pare to Principle

    What you do efficiently in 20% of the time is much more important than what you do with the rest of the day. The principle, also called the 80/20 rule says that 80% of results come from 20% of the causes. Essentially, small steps give the best results. This applies to most skilled and creative works.

  7. Don’t forget to compare your performance weekly, daily, and even hourly.

    Keeping a track of your hourly and daily performance makes you more aware of time wasters and optimal hours to get work done. Try to improve your performance every day. If you track your improvement over time, you can feel more accomplished and motivated.

Schedule on Your Time with Qbitt

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