Feeling Unproductive At Home? No Problem.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many issues. It’s safe to say that it has also granted most of us with a lot of time we weren’t expecting to have. As such, many of us (including us here at Qbitt!) often find ourselves clueless in the face of this free time, drifting us away from our usually busy lives. After researching and working through the lockdown ourselves, we have compiled a list of tips, tricks, and hacks to make the best of your time during quarantine.

Tips on How to Utilize Quarantine Time

1. Get started on the project in the back of your head. Yes, THAT one.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a creative project. Maybe there has always been something you’ve wanted to learn. Maybe an idea for a business you wanted to plan has been collecting dust for the last couple of years. Maybe you’ve been meaning to start a website/blog/channel. You know the project we’re talking about here! What better time to start working on it than now?

2. Strengthen your relationships.

While quarantine has cursed us with physical distancing, the internet has long since blessed us with the ability to stay connected no matter the physical demands. Everyone is somewhat lonely in these times, so don’t hesitate to text a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Grow closer to people you enjoy the company of and show them you are there in times of need. Conversely, if you are stuck at home with your family. it is also a great opportunity to strengthen bonds. Consider this a break from your hectic everyday lives!

3. Learn a new skill. Improve your resume. Take a step out of your comfort zone.

You may have heard of this many times before and during quarantine (especially if you have been following tip #1), but it’s still solid advice to try to learn something new while you are stuck at home. There are many online classes/apps that teach you new skills like coding, new languages, and even activities to pass the time like speed-cubing. As contradictory as it sounds, there has never been a better time to expand your horizons.

4. Prepare plans for budgeting and investments post-COVID-19 impact.

There are two things we can all agree on: this is all going to be over one day, and once it is, the world will be a different place. We have never experienced something like this as a modern society, and there will inevitably be social, political, technological, and economical repercussions. As such, it is a good time to consider your options for the future in all of those aspects, perhaps most especially economic. Research expert advice about the stock market and possible investment opportunities. Starting now would give you a good step ahead in the investment market once this is over.

5. Don’t forget to work on your physical health.

To some people it may sound ironic, but being stuck at home could be a really effective time to start losing those extra pounds or toning those muscles. The gyms might be closed, but there are hundreds of tutorials and guides available on the internet about how one can workout at home. Not only that, it is important to learn about nutrition and health as much as it is important to actually lose weight. Download resources and explore online workout communities to help lose those extra pounds before you come out of quarantine.

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6. Learn to enjoy your own company.

For many people, it has become hard to find time for themselves due to their hectic lives. Use this extra time for your own mind’s peace. Practice meditation and try to form healthy habits. Remember to not push yourself to do these if your body does not allow you. This is counter intuitive to trying to relax and do what you enjoy.

7. Use trial and error to learn a new skill

You may have been fixated on learning a new language or coding, but sometimes you start something and it just doesn’t feel right. Don’t force yourself into a hobby or skill that you don’t enjoy – but that’s not to say don’t try anything! Try as many new things as possible, learning a little of everything and eventually you will find something that really interests you enough to master it.

8. Stick to your original schedule even at home, especially for office workers.

This pandemic is going to end sooner or later, and once it does most of us will inevitably have to go back to our old routines. Drifting completely apart from your previous routine can become a real hassle once you have to return, especially for 9-5 office workers. Even if you are completely off duty, try to maintain a schedule close to the one you had before. Work on your new hobbies/projects during what would have been your office hours, and try to maintain a disciplined schedule.

9. Do NOT overwork yourself.

These are uncertain times, and most of us have never faced a situation like this before. Above all, it’s important that we give ourselves a break. Do not be too hard on your mental health. Relax, and never force yourself to do anything against your will. If you’re bored, or feeling overwhelmed don’t be afraid to take a break. Watch a movie, play a game, or work on a hobby, but don’t stress your mind by feeling like you always have to do something productive with every moment of lockdown. A lot of us aren’t, and it’s okay to be scared and unproductive in scary times like these.

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