What Makes Us The Best Scheduling App?

In this article, we’re going to discuss what makes Qbitt so valuable to businesses looking to manage their daily work schedules, and individuals who want an easy way to arrange services from said businesses. We’ll cover our unique features, discuss our employee scheduling system, and our digital conferencing tool.

Our Unique Features

Qbitt has an assortment of great features that separate us from the competition. Our goal is to enable business owners to manage their schedules and personal lives in one place, all for one exceedingly low price – free.

Social Media Integration

Qbitt’s built-in social media platform allows you to share information with your family and friends while also engaging with companies in a public forum. Businesses can also release promos and drive user interactions as a marketing tool for their companies.

Google Calendar Sync

Schedule your appointments and virtual meetings through our system and automatically sync them with your Google Calendar.

Business Profile

Our peer-reviewed and friend system-based recommendations allow users to find services from companies that their friends and families have used in the past. This trust building system is meant to lend to the overall reliability and professionalism of a business.

Allows Customers To Schedule Appointments With A Business

Benefit to customers:

Our unique feature of allowing users to book appointments with businesses enables an ease of access to their open hours. Customers can also directly message businesses within the app.

Benefits to businesses:

Businesses can reduce their total number of calls and have clients book directly without needing to call or come in to schedule an appointment.

Employee Scheduling System

Schedule your employees’ times and availabilities while allowing users to book directly with their favorite stylist, groomer, or plumber.

Manage your Appointments and Scheduling with the free Qbitt app.

Digital Conferencing Tool

Virtual Scheduling Made Easy

Our scheduling tool allows you to book with your preferred conferencing system with the click of a few buttons, many of our users agree, it’s easier than booking on the systems themselves. Once your virtual meeting is complete it automatically adds the event to your synced calendar.

When scheduling an appointment, you have the option to link a Google Hangouts or Zoom meeting. Our app will automatically create the meeting for you. If your appointment is through another service, you have the option to link it as well.

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Designed From The Ground Up For Maximum Convenience

When you use Qbitt, you will be immediately struck by its simplicity, practicality, and intuitiveness. Your meeting will be available on both Qbitt’s built-in calendar and your Google Calendar. Qbitt will even send you alerts leading up to your appointment.

See For Yourself What Qbitt Can Do For You

Qbitt brings businesses and their communities together with unprecedented ease and style. Don’t believe us? Check out Qbitt on iOS and Android, as well as in your web browser, absolutely free.

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