Harnessing Qbitt’s Social Media Aspect

Qbitt’s comprehensive built-in social media platform provides users and businesses with a mutually beneficial experience. In this short read, you will find out what Qbitt’s social media aspect can provide for both customers and businesses.

Use For Customers

As a customer, you are able to interact with other Qbitt users, as well as local businesses you frequent. You can share your experiences with fellow customers, as well as interact directly with the companies themselves. This unprecedented depth of interaction provides consumers with an easy way to find reputable services. Qbitt can also provide peer-reviewed recommendations, allowing users to find great companies that their friends and families have used in the past.

You can also subscribe to your favorite business’ profiles, allowing their future posts to appear on your account’s social feed. Simply find a business through the app, hit the follow button, and you will be the first to see their deals and promos. You can choose these interactions to be public, private, or viewable just to your friends.

business transaction being conducted

While customers can schedule services with a given company, they can even schedule with individual employees. If you have a favorite massage therapy clinic, you can schedule an appointment with your preferred therapist within that clinic. It’s never been easier or more convenient to get the service you want, when you want it.

Use For Businesses

As a business, you can post promotional content, as well as advertise products and services. If a customer sees an interesting post or promo on their social feed, they can click your business profile, allowing them to see details about what services your business provides.

They can then schedule appointments with you, or directly with your employees. These appointments can be accessed through the Qbitt app’s built-in calendar system, as well as through a connected third-party calendar. Businesses can even connect with other businesses, too!

Use Qbitt To Connect With Local Small Businesses

Maybe you’re just someone who doesn’t like to make phone calls. Through Qbitt, you can schedule services and contact businesses directly. Your appointment will be saved to our app’s built-in calendar, and you will be notified as the date approaches.

It’s never been easier to turn fellow entrepreneurs, businesses, and potential clients into friends. Download our free app on iOS and Android, or use Qbitt in your web browser.

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