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Eman Burcheci


Emanuel has spent over 20 years in the service industry. As a veteran in custom home building, he experienced scheduling frictions and retention issues with his clients. Emanuel’s vision of Qbitt is to reduce that friction where customers can connect, organize, book appointments with businesses and communicate effectively from one platform.

Brian Huang

Technical Director

Brian has extensive background in building custom software. Over the last two decades he has engaged in projects from start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft. Brian believes in the Qbitt initiative and brings years of technical expertise to the table.

Andrew Beavers

Marketing Director

As an owner of a Seattle marketing firm, Andrew saw the potential of the integrative life management tool that Qbitt provides. He joined the team in 2019 to help grow Qbitt into a household name.

Nav Soni

V.P. of Engineering

Navratan has crafted custom software application software since 2005. He has served at organizations such as Global Logic Inc and Tagit pte ltd in the last decade. His previous work includes building airline booking systems for Yatra, applications for CitiBank and Singapore airlines. He has architected and coded complex and large scale systems.

Our Mission

Qbitt® is the platform that lets people book appointments on their time.

Getting Connected

We provide a tool that keeps all of your scheduling in one location while connecting you with the schedules of your friends, family, and colleagues. Qbitt.io enables you to schedule, communicate, and access various services within your network. Your customers can view details about your business and services through the Qbitt platform and schedule appointments with you or directly with your employees.

Community Driven

Qbitt.io is based around a social media platform to help promote a user-centric community with which you can grow and thrive. Allowing users to interact with their peers and preferred vendors on this level helps validate the products, services, and skills of those in their community.

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Social Media Aspect

Qbitt.io is uses personalized user profiles that allow users to share content that is meaningful and engaging to themselves and their network.

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User Centric Community

Users interact with people directly within their network. Unlike most social media platforms, this allows you to stay within your own preferred network of colleagues and friends.

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Networking & Management

Manage yourself, your team, and your business through one easy-to-use platform. Communicate with your team and schedule events or network with new leads and increase your customer base.


We provide a framework that integrates smoothly with useful modern tools. This allows you to use your existing calendars and networking platforms such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, and Gmail to connect and communicate with your team, family, or customers with speed and ease.

Another unique aspect of Qbitt is the ability to embed this tool directly into your company website by copying and pasting code snippets. This allows you to dynamically improve your booking experience by simplifying the process for both the business and the customer.

Where Did We Begin?

Qbitt® started in July 2018 in Kirkland, Washington. Neighboring the bustling tech hubs of Seattle and Bellevue, Kirkland houses many tech entrepreneurs and business owners. Surrounded by fellow business professionals in need of a new kind of business and personal life management tool, the idea for Qbitt was a no-brainer for our team.
Today Qbitt is still located in Kirkland, Washington. Our team is preparing to expand our offices soon to accommodate our flourishing company.

App Updates and Releases

Qbitt.io is constantly updating to add new and improved features to the platform and to improve on user experience. You can rest assured that Qbitt.io is always improving and new productivity and business features will be added over time. We attempt to release new updates frequently to keep our app current and bug-free.

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Why Did We Build the Qbitt Platform?

Our founder Emanuel has spent over 20 years in the service industry and has continually dealt with issues using integrated software. As a veteran of this industry, Emanuel personally experienced scheduling frictions and retention issues between businesses and clients. Such difficulties can result in loss of opportunity to establish a long-term relationship and provide the best value. Qbitt® was founded to meet these challenges. Our company is based in the bustling tech hub that is the Seattle area and we are surrounded by business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who are facing similar problems.

Partner, Invest, or Join The Qbitt Team

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Qbitt® is designed on a lightweight, modern framework to integrate and collaborate with other useful industry tools, apps, and collaborative software services. We are also open to working with fellow business startups looking to solve similar challenges.

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Investor Opportunities

Qbitt is a fast-growing, agile company ready to take our platform to the next level with more investment. For investor opportunities please feel free to contact us.
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Join our team

Qbitt employs motivated, fast-moving individuals that are prepared to follow Qbitt into its next stages. Contact our team for employment opportunities.